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Costa Rica - Things to Do

yoga on the beach in Costa Rica Yoga Retreats are popular in Costa Rica. There are many hotels and eco-lodges that offer yoga and health-oriented retreats and programs. Imagine yoga by the ocean or yoga in the cloud forest — there is no better place to calm the mind and rejuvinate the spirit.
canopy tours in Costa Rica Canopy Tours are a great way to see the rain and cloud forests from above. Walk across bridges and view the unique and beautfiul fauna and flora of Costa Rica.
Surfing in Costa Rica Costa Rica Surfing is some of the best surfing period. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica offers numerous locations for the advanced surfer along with with spots for the novice. Costa Rica is the home for numerous international surfing contests.
Zip Lining in Costa Rica Zip Lining in Costa Rica is a fun and exciting way to experience nature. Zip through the clouds high above the cloud forest floor in Monteverde.
Hot Air Ballooning in Costa Rica Costa Rica Hot Air Ballooning offers a unique and exciting perspective to the landscape and wildlife. See Costa Rica from the vantage point of a scarlett macaw or toucan.
Gyrocopter rides in Costa Rica Costa Rica Gyrocopter Rides are available from a number of operators. Soar high above the beautiful green landscape or just a few feet above the glistening surf.
Boat Trips in Costa Rica Costa Rica Boat Trips are an exciting way to enjoy the unique fauna and flora. Watch caimens and crocs lounge on the canal banks of Tortuguero. See humpback whales breach off the bow and dolphins dance on the bows wake. Take sunset cruises and snorkeling excursions.
Sea Kayaking in Costa Rica Costa Rica Sea Kayaking is a fun coastal adventure. Novice to advanced kayakers enjoy the hundreds of miles of Pacific and Caribbean coastline to explore. There are numerous half-day, full-day, and multi-day trips available.
Golf in Costa Rica Costa Rica Golfing offers scenic beauty and world-class golf courses.
Hiking in Costa Rica Costa Rica Hiking is some of the best hiking you'll ever do. Hike in world-famous national parks filled with wildlife and beautiful flora. Hike up mountains, hike in cloud forests, hike by the ocean, hike at volcanos,....
Turtle Programs in Costa Rica Costa Rica Turtle Programs are a great way to get up close with nature. Learn and help to protect endangered sea turtles. Watch leatherbacks lay eggs on the beach. There are many guided excurions that will delight and inform.
Snorkeling in Costa Rica Snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters of Costa Rica. can be found on the Pacfic and Caribbean coasts. The marine life is plenitful and the experience unforgettable.
Scuba diving in Costa Rica Scuba dive in Costa Rica with amazing and abundant wildlife. Take the plunge and see manta rays, bull sharks, sea turtles, eels, and colorful tropical fish in the warm and beautfiul waters of Costa Rica.
Bird Watching in Costa Rica Watching the exoctic birds of Costa Rica is fun for the whole family. See toucans, macaws, Resplendent Quetzals just to name a few.
Windsurfing in Costa Rica Costa Rica Windsurfing is a popular marine sport. Lake Arenal offers great windsurfing along with the miles and miles of beautiful coastline.
Sport Fishing in Costa Rica Costa Rica Sport Fishing is a "sport fishing". Hook a sailfish, fight a giant tuna and enjoy the day on sea.
Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica Costa Rica Bungee Jumping may be the thrill of your life. In San Jose or Jaco you'll find a place to jump with up to 265 feet of free-falling fun.
Rafting in Costa Rica Costa Rica white water rafting and canoeing.