Canopy Tours and Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Best Costa Rica Canopy Tours and Zip Lines

Best Canopy Tours by Costa Rica Area

Breathtaking scenery viewed from on high. Don't miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ascend to the thick green forest canopy and see Costa Rica's jungle life from a perspective once available to only a select few researchers and photographers. This is an adventure for all ages!

There are two ways to enjoy a trip into the sun-glittering treetops: canopy walk and zip line. Choose one… or BOTH! Many outfitters offer both options, and even some additional attractions like butterfly gardens and serpentariums, so you can play all day.

Canopy bridge in Monteverde
photo courtesy of The Mind's Eye Photography

Although canopy tours and zip lines are available across Costa Rica, Monteverde (in the heart of a famous cloud forest) and Manuel Antonio (in the monkey-filled rainforest) are the most popular places in the country for these activities.

Take a peaceful walk among the leaves. Canopy walks usually consist of well-built catwalks, secure platforms and swinging bridges hung high in the trees. There is no better place for bird-watching! Most of Costa Rica's nearly 900 bird species spend their time above the ground. Many can be seen from the canopy. Take a guided tour if you want a naturalist to point out the area's highlights. Or simply meander, looking for animals and basking in the energy of nature.

canopy bridge
photo courtesy of Dan

Nothing short of exhilarating! If you are a more adventurous tourist, you can swing like a monkey through the trees on a one of Costa Rica's heart-stopping zip lines. Since its introduction in the 1970s, zip lining has become one of Costa Rica's most popular activities.

After donning a special harness and helmet, you will climb to the facility's highest platform. There you will be attached to a steel cable system and sent "zipping" down a from platform to platform. What an adrenaline-pumping thrill!

The only thing you have to bring is your courage. The best companies provide professional guides with many years experience and all the gear to keep you safe and comfortable. As more and more platforms and zip lines are constructed in pristine forests, there are concerns that these "eco-tours" may not remain so ecologically sound. Or safe. Visitors are advised to visit only well-established facilities.

Canopy Tours and Zip Lines by Area

Again, the companies listed in Monteverde and Manuel Antonio are most popular. See our map of Costa Rica.

Selvatura Adventure Park (also have butterfly garden and insect museum)
Sky Trek/Sky Walk/Sky Tram (also have a serpentarium)

Manuel Antonio
Canopy Safari (also have a butterfly garden and serpentarium)
Dream Forest Canopy

Arenal (near the Arenal Volcano)
Sky Trek/Sky Tram (also have a butterfly garden)
Arenal Paraíso Canopy Tour (also have resort and mineral pool)

The Adventure Park

Titi Canopy Tour

from Puerto Limón
Brisas de la Jungla "Jungle Breezes Canopy Tour" (also have botanical garden)
Crazy Monkey Canopy Tour

Osa Peninsula
Corcovado Canopy Tour

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Experience Costa Rica's remote wilderness in a truly extraordinary way.

above photo courtesy of
Dan's photostream